Orchestra in the Schools cultivates the joy of musical expression.

We create opportunities for young musicians to build confidence

through the rigor and cooperation required to produce music together.

We work to foster responsible adults who appreciate artistic beauty. 

We provide students throughout Monterey County 

an opportunity to learn an instrument, be a part of an orchestra,

and perform with students from other schools.

We are known for our outstanding small group instrumental instruction.

Students in grades 3-10 are invited to participate.

We offer 27 two-hour lessons throughout the school year.

Our Artistic Director and instructors evaluate the students based on instrument and ability level.

There are three levels of instruction: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced (by audition only).

All groups will perform in a winter and spring concert.

We reserve the right to merge classes if necessary. 


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Inspiring success for all children through music.

Dear Parents and Students,

These are VERY difficult times for everyone, not impossible just challenging.

Orchestra in the Schools wants to make a difference in your child’s life, keeping their interest in music alive and our teachers employed. We would like to offer our OITS family ways to keep playing and learning music since all classes, performances and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk are cancelled through the end of our season.

  • TIME WITH YOUR TEACHERS. Our teachers will be available by phone to teach your child, one on one, in the areas of the student’s learning in music. Sharon will be sending out a time schedule for each class of our program.

  • SMARTMUSIC is a wonderful online music learning platform that can enable your child to keep playing at home and grow musically. More information will be emailed to you.

    We will get through COVID 19 and perhaps learn some important life lessons along the way. Lastly, here is a FUN project for you and your child...

• IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please call Sharon (831) 402-2946.

I would like to make a MUSIC VIDEO SLIDESHOW of Orchestra in the School taking shelter at home. Take a photo of you, your instrument and your pet in one shot.  Email me your photo to  James@OrchestraInTheSchools.org and I will make a movie and share it with everyone. 

Keep happy and healthy!!!



Mr. Paoletti
CEO/Artistic Director, Orchestra in the Schools, Inc.



Orchestra in the Schools during our shelter in place 2020:

Call teachers at assigned time for a private phone session.

Beg. Strings - Ms. Janneke Hoogland (831) 202-2362 (Stevenson School - Monday 3:30-5:30pm)   

3:30pm  SophiaViolin

3:45pm  Josie  Violin

4:00pm  Ross  Cello

4:15pm  Baden  Viola

4:30pm  Sienna  Viola

4:45pm  Taylor  Violin

5:00pm  Kai  Cello


Beginning Strings - Mr. Don Dally (831) 224-4851 (San Carlos School - Monday 3:30-5:30pm)  

3:30pm  Eleanor  Violin

3:45pm  Leila  Violin

4:00pm  Linda  Violin

4:15pm  Michaylis  Violin

4:30pm  Suriya  Violin

4:45pm  Taras  Violin


Advanced Strings - Mr. Don Dally (831) 224-4851 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  Hannah  Violin

4:15pm  Katarina  Violin

4:30pm  Holden  Violin

4:45pm  Hope  Violin

5:00pm  Alexie  Violin

5:15pm  Alina  Violin

5:30pm  Therese  Violin

5:45pm  Sophie  Violin


Intermediate Strings - Ms. Janneke Hoogland (831) 202-2362 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  Iole  Cello

4:40pm  Aiden  Cello

5:20pm  Katie Double bass


Beginning Strings - Mrs. Arlyn Knapic (831) 521-3866 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  William   Violin

4:10pm  Sarah Jazmin  Violin

4:20pm  Anna  Sophia  Violin

4:30pm  Liam  Cello

4:40pm  Keilanni  Violin

4:50pm  Demaris  Violin

5:00pm  Jazly  Violin

5:10pm  Andrew  Violin

5:20pm  Harry  Violin

5:30pm  Paul  Violin

5:40pm  Ruby  Violin

5:50pm  Samuel  Violin


Beginning Double Bass - Mr. Bob Davies (831) 233-2520 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  Gillian  Double Bass

4:40pm  Moira  Double Bass

5:20pm  Brooke  Double Bass


Advanced Band - Mr. Ben Herold (831) 383-2550 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  Charissa  Flute

4:15pm  Grant  Trumpet

4:30pm  Aaron  Flute

4:45pm  Bonnie Belle  Flute

5:00pm  Merielle  Oboe

5:15pm  Miriam  Bass Clarinet

5:30pm  Edgar  Trumpet

5:45pm  Joel  Trumpet


Beginning Band - Mr. Kevin Jordan (831) 624-1695 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  David  Trumpet

4:15pm  Debbie  Clarinet

4:30pm  Elias  Drums

4:45pm  Nixon  Drums

5:00pm  Truitt  Drums

5:15pm  Kendall  Xylophone


Guitar Class - Mr. Robert McNamara (831) 521-2172 (ISM - Tuesday 4-6pm)  

4:00pm  Blake  Guitar

4:15pm  Leo  Guitar

4:30pm  Peyton  Guitar

4:45pm  Knoah  Guitar

5:00pm  Kianno  Guitar


Beg. Violin - Ms. Janneke Hoogland (831) 202-2362 (Stevenson School - Thursday 3:30-4:30pm)  

3:30pm  Sophia  Violin

3:40pm  Theo  Violin

3:50pm  Caden  Violin

4:00pm  Ryder  Violin

4:10pm  Gibson  Violin

4:20pm  Amore  Violin

4:30pm  Gigi  Violin

4:40pm  Rosie  Violin

4:50pm  Shaeley  Violin

5:00pm  Clair  Violin


String Quartet - Mr. Don Dally (831) 224-4851 (OITS Office - Thursday 4-5pm)  

4:00pm  Jack  Violin

4:15pm  Mirren  Violin

4:30pm  Mackenzie  Cello

4:45pm  Katie  Violin

Please use smile.amazon.com for your back to school needs and they will fund us.  Thank you!

A special thank you to our sponsors:

Arts Council for Monterey County


Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop

Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services


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